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Imagine Your Future In Pittsburgh

No one can deny that Pittsburgh has come a long way in shedding its image as a smoky, work-weary steel town. The fact that Pittsburgh has garnered vast recognition for its environmental transformation and the engineering of a new economy is a testament to vision, collaboration and determination. Our region has reinvented itself as a vibrant, affordable place to live, work and play.

Western Pennsylvania reformed its economy around finance, information, engineering and healthcare. The good news is that the most recent census and updates show that the median age of the residents of Pittsburgh and much of the region is declining. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the economy of our region has recovered at the same time, providing jobs that young people previously had to look elsewhere to find.

Pittsburgh is getting younger. The city is also on the radar of those who look for places that are on the leading edge of technology. Pittsburgh is suddenly cool! The past efforts of many political administrations and civic leaders have paid off, as emerging technology companies and natural resource industries are creating demand for workers with the skills that well-educated and trained younger people possess.

Much was done to make the lifestyle of the region more attractive. The cleanup of our rivers and air quality – a result of dedicated individuals and a lack of manufacturing - improved our quality of life. Investment in the Cultural District created a destination in Downtown, starting a wave of lifestyle amenities that put Pittsburgh in a league with other very attractive cities. All these incremental improvements helped with the attraction and retention of younger workers but in the end, the tipping point was the growth of jobs that required the skills that the 25-to-35 year olds possessed.

2014 is a very exciting time for Western Pennsylvania. You will read in this years Metroguide how the Pittsburgh region is now a national leader across important energy-related industries. These resources have made us internationally-recognized energy providers and the Pittsburgh area stands to benefit now and for many years to come. We are proud to showcase the many assets that make our region so special. Welcome to the community we are proud to call home. We look forward to seeing you around town!

Kevin J. Gordon
President, Carson Publishing, Inc.

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